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Journey BJJ Belt

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

  • £15.00

Our original 'Brotherhood' bjj belt was one of the fastest-selling products we've ever had at The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood. With the successor we set out to improve it on all levels.

Featuring a thicker, higher-quality fabric and an all-new embroidered logo, this belt was designed for those who understand that jiu jitsu is a lifelong process to be experienced, not a destination to be reached. 

 - Full Colour Embroidered Label

- 100% Cotton

- Thicker Core for Improved Durability

- 'Grading Tab' for Stripes

Please Note: The label on belt features the tagline 'The Journey Never Ends'

Available Colours:

White - Blue -  Purple - Brown - Black 

Sizing Guide:

A1 - 2.60 m
A2 - 2.80 m
A3 - 3.00 m
A4 - 3.20 m
A5 - 3.40 m

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