Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 & Jiu Jitsu Crash Course - Special Offer

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Blue Belt Requirements 2.0

Need a clearly defined road map of what you need to know to become a solid blue belt?

In this sequel to one of the most popular jiu jitsu instructional videos in history, Roy Dean outlines the essential blue belt requirements for BJJ.

Over 10 years in the making and shot in glorious 4K, this is the most beautiful and easy-to-follow curriculum of the art you'll ever see.

Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 includes:

  • Jiu Jitsu: The Great Physical Debate
  • Ukemi
  • Movement
  • Takedowns
  • Mount Escapes
  • Headlock Escapes
  • Side Mount Escapes
  • Armlocks from Guard
  • Chokes from Guard
  • Armlocks from Mount
  • Chokes from Mount
  • Knee on Belly
  • Back Attacks
  • Back Escapes
  • Guard Passes
  • Leg Locks
  • White to Black: The Triangle

The Jiu Jitsu Crash Course

Chicago 2015. Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Roy Dean leads a group of curious Aikido students into the world of jiu jitsu, adding new and powerful techniques to their arsenal of movements. A truly progressive, must see seminar which blends old school and modern jiu jitsu styles in a way that's both seamless and effective. An essential seminar for Aikido practitioners and traditional martial artists of all styles.

The Jiu JItsu Crash Course includes:

  • Guard Pass
  • Knee on Belly
  • Side Mount Escape
  • Armlock from Guard
  • Spinning Armlock
  • Kimura and Sanyko
  • Tsuki Kotegaeshi
  • Kotegaeshi to Armlock
  • Shihonage to Armlock
  • The D'arce Choke
  • Shihonage to D'arce
  • D'arce Turnover
  • Assorted Chokes
  • Guillotine from Guard
  • Kotegaeshi to Guillotine
  • Shihonage to Guillotine
  • Q1: Ground Movement
  • Q2: Other Japanese Arts
  • Q3: Counter Grappling
  • Q4: Angled Sprawls
  • Q5: Wristlocks
  • Q6: The Lapel
  • Keeping the Connection

PLUS Special Bonus: Wyoming 2018 Seminar


  • Basic Triangle
  • Methods of Tightening
  • Detail: Minimal Transitions
  • Triangle Corkscrew Kimura
  • Floor Bridge to Triangle
  • Stiff Arm to Flying Triangle
  • Kneeling Sumi Otoshi to Armlock
  • Choking Up to the Armlock
  • Switching Sides to Armlock
  • The Americana Option
  • Detail: Leg Positioning
  • Closing Thoughts


  • Marrying the Opposites
  • Inside Arm Positioning
  • Baseball Slide Pass
  • Hip Replaces Hand
  • Slide Through Drill
  • Step by Step Pass
  • Anchored Kneebar
  • Detail: Hook the Heel
  • The Big Backstep
  • Moving Your Frame
  • 411 to Clover Leaf
  • Final Thoughts