Rash Guards

The difference between average and high quality rashguards is massive, particularly when it comes to comfort. We used only the best materials and production methods when creating the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood rashguards, to ensure that your comfort and the garment’s longevity were exceptional.

Our no-gi submission grappling rash guards are made from heavy duty Lycra to protect your skin during no gi training and competition. They can also be used under your kimono as well to help protect your skin. They allow moisture to pass through rather than soak up like a t-shirt.

The heavy elastic at the waist keeps it from riding up on your stomach which can be distracting during training. Our jiu jitsu rash guards are also cut slightly longer to make them easier to tuck in.

We chose to use flat stitching to prevent irritation. Wider-cut neck eliminates restriction and further adds to your comfort when worn during training. We also used sublimated logos and printing so that they will they will not peel off in the dryer or during intense training sessions.