BJJ Patches & Stickers

The patches on your gi say a lot about you. When you wear a Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Gi patch you are showing that you represent the highest ideals of the art. Our patches are not for the d-bags who only know how to roll flat-out and injure their opponents in every training session. They are for the jiu jitsukas who understand that the art is about self-control, community and brotherhood.

Our ‘Evolving’ lapel patch is perfect for the either the trouser leg or adjacent to the lapel of your gi jacket. The ‘Tail-Eater’ back patch is our largest bjj gi patch. It features our ouroborus logo  and is designed for the back for your kimono jacket. Finally we have oure mini-patches. These have our classic 2008 color-scheme and are versatile enought to be placed almost anywhere on your kimono.

Like all our gear, our bjj patches are of the highest quality and come with a money-back guarantee.