Astrum BJJ Gi

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'The Whole Universe is Within You'

Our new Astrum Rash GI has a built-in rasguard lining featuring an HD print of the Horsehead Nebula and a new astrologically-themed take on the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood logo by legendary BJJ designer Gartista™

Update: For 2017 we've improved the Astrum range with ever higher definition printing and embroidering.

Key Features:
- Contrast Stitching
- Coral Weave
- Ripstop Trousers
- Pre-Shrunk, 100% Cotton
- EVA Foam-Padded Collar
- Scratch Free, Double-Woven Trim Tape
- Printed carrying bag
Size Guide:
A1 Height approx 160 cm weight up to 65 kg
A2 Height approx 170 cm weight up to 78 kg
A3 Height approx 180 cm weight up to 90 kg
A4 Height approx 185 cm weight up to 100 kg