Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood BJJ Gis

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At Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality, best-fitting, most elegantly designed jiu jitsu gis on the market.
These three ideals guide every facet in the creation of a Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood jiu jitsu gi:  


You know what it’s like when a gi fits just right and when it doesn't. Too tight and it restricts your movement. Too baggy and it turns you into a climbing frame for your opponent. We insist on pre-shrunk cotton and intelligent panel layout to ensure that our gis are as comfortable as possible and maintain the correct fit throughout their lifetime. And as mobility is one of our core design philosophies, you know that our gis will always allow you to flow.


We know that you want your kimono to stand out, but not shout too loud. Each of the kimonos in our range is based on a theme that inspires us. We collaborate with some of the most well-known artists in the industry to bring you contemporary, amazing-looking gis. From the bright, high-definition embroidered logos to the ultra-clean stitching, every detail of the appearance of our gis is taken into consideration.


If you’re training as hard as you should be, your gi is going to take a lot of punishment. Having a great-looking gi is a waste if it only lasts 6 months.
We continually source new suppliers in a quest to find the best cloth and highest stitching standards. All of our designs go through rigorous prototype testing before they are put into production, so you know you’re getting a bomb-proof kimono.

As a jiu jitsu fighter, your gi is your armour. Choose it wisely.